Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Having lost someone who has been my life companion is really an experience hard to describe. Now I understand why some who have lost love ones resort to end their lives. However believing in the existence of God helps one to let go and believe that the person who has departed this world has gone to a better place where there is no more tears of sorrow. Focusing on this belief is a tremendous relief to know that our love ones is now enjoying eternity without end. However it is not easy though to forget specially when certain events, incidence keep on reminding me of the past when my husband was around.
Then there are things around the house that need to be done and I had no one to depend on anymore. That's the time when tears begin to fall but then I have to learn what to do. As time goes on I learned to move on and that life has to go on. If before I used to be scared of death, now my fear of death had gone. When death will come knocking at my door I would be able to face it without fear.
Meanwhile I have to go on with my life focusing on what is important.

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